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World Usability Day Wrocław 2020
8 October 2020

WUD Wrocław

Non-profit online conference

8th October 2020, 18:00 CET

For UX, UI, Service, Product, Graphic Designers out there


What's new

Over the past few weeks, together with our team, we had to make a number of necessary decisions regarding the form of WUD 2020 conference.

As WUD Wrocław team, we have a great responsibility for many participants like you, as well as our volunteers and partners, and we do our best to ensure your safety.

Nothing will replace a face-to-face contact and it is an extremely important element of our life, but we are also certain that we should all stay at home for the safety of us all. We believe that after this we will return as a WUD community stronger than ever.

So, take care of yourself and your loved ones’ and we encourage you to actively participate in this online event.

We invited international speakers so everything with presentations will be in English.

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Last 2019 edition we supported:

  1. Hospice for children Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla dzieci
  2. Foundation Fundacja na ratunek supporting children with cancer
  3. Foundation Fundacja Ekorozwoju.

Constantly supporting usability with accessibility of everyday products and solutions. We’re a non-profit event.

Always and forever.


Francesca Terzi Photo

Francesca Terzi

Head of Design @ Heymoney

Francesca is a passionate designer seeking to make a change in the financial sector through the application of User-centered design and Agile principles. Previously Francesca covered the role of Lead Designer at Designit Germany, where she worked in the development of service MVPs covering UX, agile development and service process improvements in several sectors. Knowledge sharing is her driver and she co-organises the Service Design Drinks and Global Service Jam in Munich.

Time: 18:00 CET

Heytrust Heysimple Heyexpert Heymoney How to live up to what your product claims to deliver. A "doer" talk about useful tools to build and deliver your brand experience principles incrementally (when you are a startup).

Valeria Grauso Photo

Valeria Grauso

UX Design Lead @ Roche Diagnostics

Valeria is a UX Design Lead at Roche Diagnostics Intl. who since 2009, is on a mission to introduce Service Design to the different firms she worked with and design every-day use products and services that people find meaningful, simple and enjoyable to use. As a designer and civil rights activist, she is always questioning the status quo, to pursue innovation and social chang

Time: 18:30 CET

A journey into healthcare

Molly Oberholtzer and Kokaew Wongpichet photos

Molly Oberholtzer & Kokaew Wongpichet

Ko and Molly are Experience Designers at denkwerk, a digital agency based in Köln that focuses on innovation and transformation. They developed PlayBase to address the need for collaboration, envisioning, and future thinking. They are enthusiastic gamers who aim to improve the workshop experience, helping our participants get past facts and figures and make insights tangible.

Time: 19:15 CET

Dungeons and designers: a game for research synthesis, team collaboration and scenario speculation

Economy, society and technologies know no standstill. Changes are unavoidable and hard to predict but we can prepare with fun, engaging, and informed speculation. In this talk Ko and Molly will introduce PlayBase, a game/workshop that elevates storytelling for research synthesis while enforces a collaborative team dynamic. We’ll share insights on using gamification to get your participants to speculate on threats and opportunities and build possible scenarios together.

Adam B Cochran's photo

Adam B Cochrane

Service Designer @ Zalando SE

Adam is a lone ranger as the only ‘Service Designer’ at Zalando SE. Australian born, Berlin based. Adam has worked with everyone from Indigenous Australians to corporate Austrians. Adam thrives working around the world with diverse teams solving complicated problems, and creating delightful solutions. His previous roles include companies like IXDS, and Factory Berlin, Telekom. Hi s now also the co-host of SDD Berlin and loves to talk about the more humanly emotional side of life. Adam’s is fueled by bringing products to life, real life, and creating meaningful services that impact people beyond any (computer) screen. Often asked to mentor on his 'spikes' of facilitation, service mindset and get humans to collaborate. Adam’s extraversion and passion for people drew him towards communities, churches, jam groups, youth group summer camps. A period of time that came with its very own, somewhat peculiar experiences.

Time: 19:45 CET

Ritual design - It’s about crafting an arc of experiences, with at least one magical spark, that makes the experience stick as a ritual

— something embedded with meaning, that is not ‘ordinary’, that links into the narrative about ourselves and our values.” Adam’s talk will help you in your role as a designer create a great culture in the right way for long term security both for users and team members. Looking through the unique and personal lenses of ‘ritual’ will shed new light on do’s and don'ts of working together and building services for others. This talk acts as a source of inspiration for new perspectives and metaphors, that designers will find useful regarding their practice. At the heart of design is the customer and rituals allow us to hack culture into making it more meaningful. People in design ops, working within community building, management can derive insights about tools and methods, which help to establish a great working culture.

Marc Stickdorn Photo

Marc Stickdorn

Co-founder and CEO of More than Metrics

Time: 20:15 CET

Journey Map Ops: using journey maps as a customer-centric management tool for agile organizations.

Nowadays, organizations run dozens, even hundreds, of agile projects that all impact user, customer, employee, or citizen experiences. Only a few of these projects are innovation or design projects – many of these are changes in SOPs, IT updates, implementing GDPR, and many more. These projects impact experiences but are hardly coordinated. Organizations struggle with managing multiple agile teams and understanding the impact of all their projects on their customer and employee experience.

In his talk, Marc outlines how to use Journey Maps beyond workshops and projects: as a visual management tool. This allows organizations to zoom through different level of customer experience details, view a summary customer and employee pain points, research data, KPIs as well as projects from different parts of the organisation and where these impact customer experience. A system of up-to-date linked journey maps becomes a customer-centric dashboard for your organisation. An underlying governance system allows you to identify overlaps or contradictions between projects, coordinate and prioritise projects according to real customer and employee needs and iteratively bridge organisational silos by establishing a shared tool and perspective.

Check out More than Metrics’ blog with series „Ask Marc” regarding experience research and their products like Smaply with ExperienceFellow

* after each Speaker there will be time for Q&A session.
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